Sunday, May 24, 2009

Haiti Trip

Hi everyone! It has been quite a while since I have posted about the Haiti well project here! Many of you have contributed and I send you my gratitude and thanks. There also have been several presentations to bible study and fellowship groups and those have been well received. For me the good news is that I am returning to Haiti on June 6th! The Haiti well fund has been growing - albeit slowly - but in this economic situation, we can be grateful for any positive growth. We are close to the $4,000 mark and I am praying that we will arrive at the needed $5,000 mark very soon!

Leon visited Raleigh last October and it was great to see him! He was back in the States last month and we talked about the well. It remains a great need for his flock.

Many of you may recall that my close friend Trudy made the first contribution to the well fund last year. Like many of you she felt this project was worthwhile and important. Unfortunately Trudy was fighting pancreatic cancer and she died last November. One of the great Trudy stories told at her funeral was about her dancing in a public fountain with her family. My vision is that Trudy is waiting for us to get this well dug so that she can celebrate with us - she standing with the great communion of saints in the heavenly fountain of faith!

Please continue to pray for our well!

Blessings, Carol